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When I was learning about Web3, my goal was always to utilize blockchain technologies in everything I do❗️ Today, I have for you something very special, that took me lots of time and energy to create. 👇

✨ This post as well as minted NFTs are the official invitation to the Web3 Doers Podcast. ✨

Why would I mint NFTs as an invitation to the Web3 Doers Podcast❓

✅ To be 100% transparent, which is my main principle in everything I do.

✅ To learn Web3 through doing and not only speaking about it.

✅ To do something unique that maybe no one has ever done before.

What are the utilities for the Web3 Doers Podcast guest speakers to accept the NFT invitation❓

✅ It’s a remarkable possibility to be among the first guests of Web3 Doers Podcast and build up your personal brand, as collectively we have 300k+ followers on LinkedIn.

✅ We might create a Podcast DAO that will make important decisions around non for profit projects that empower women and minorities in Web3 or the future of the podcast, and every guest speaker will have a vote.

✅ I believe in giving back to everyone who helped me in the past, so if in the future podcast will get paid sponsors I would love to divide up to 49% of the revenue from the podcast (after the costs and taxes).

Who are the first 20 podcast guest speakers and what I would love to discuss with them:

✨ Anthony – “Why Blockchain won’t save the world?”
✨ Anino – “How can we implement DEI in every Web3 company?”
✨ Mitko – “How to create Web3 content on LinkedIn that people love?”
✨ Tameka – “Web3 Marketing and how TIME is utilizing NFTs?”
✨ Timo – “What will the future of work and collaboration look like?”
✨ Amna – “How to improve female representation, diversity, and inclusion in the blockchain and Web 3.0 world?”
✨ Delphin – “How to build a consulting business in Web3?”
✨ Daniela – “How motion capture will make a significant impact on the metaverse?”
✨ Brent – “How do you think the marketing of the future will look like?”
✨ Chrissy – “How to empower people with disabilities who are entering Web3?”
✨ Ely – “How to plan and orchestrate marketing campaigns in the Metaverse?”
✨ Akina – “How AllStarsWomen NFT Club and DAO empower women in Web3?”
✨ Diego – “How Fortune 500 brands can enter the Metaverse & NFT space?”
✨ Wan – “What’s the journey we need to take to get to 10 million professionals using Metaverse?”
✨ Tiago – “Why education is the most crucial factor for Web3 to become mainstream?”
✨ Alyse – “How blockchain will have an impact on the limitations of human biology and impact climate and healthy longevity?”
✨ Philipp – “What’s going to be the future of Web3 education?”
✨ Umeh – “What’s the role of content creation in Web3 and why it is so important?”
✨ Tomer – “What’s the most important for VCs to invest in Web3 startups?”
✨ Nova – “What’s the future of the fashion industry and how Metaverse will change it?”

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