NFT Web Design by Black Candy NFT Solutions. We are your go to NFT design & dev specialists

Here at NFT Web Design, Black Candy NFT have nearly 10 combined years of building websites covering all basic and technical frameworks available to the market.

Despite the NFT space being in it’s infancy, we have partnered with over 30 new players to the market, supporting them both on their NFT creation and Website Builds. We not only help design, deliver and optimise our clients NFT’s, but leverage our developments and deliver to the market.

Our expert team are here to help you build your dream NFT’s and NFT website from the ground up. From design to monetisation, we are your go to NFT Website Design Agency.

NFT Web Design services

UK-based NFT marketplace development & Web Design Company.

NFT Launch Launch your own NFT collection, allowing users to connect their wallet and mint. Starting from £6,500
NFT Marketplace Includes Opensea integration, allowing users to openly collect and trade NFTs via your website. Starting from £19,995
Customised Utility Customised features, such as airdrops, webshops & live events associated with an NFT collection. Starting from £39,995

Throughout 2021 it has become clear that NFTs are going to play a vital role when growing your brand and online community.

We comprise of a team of forward thinking marketing, design & technical consultants. Providing a high quality, tailored and personable consultative approach to support on digital mission.

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NFT Website Design

Are you looking for an effective way to increase your website’s ranking in search engine results? If so, then you may want to consider investing in an NFT website design. An NFT website is a unique way to increase your website’s visibility and boost its ranking on search engines. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and […]

NFT Web Design Meta

NFT Web Design Meta

Meta are allowing you to share your NFTs on Instagram and Facebook. Sounds great, right? Maybe not. Is there something sketchy afoot here that we should be worried about?… Facebook is the embodiment of the Web2 movement… Centralised, for-profit platforms that harvest your data and target you with adverts. They create functionality you enjoy, and […]

Utilise Block Chain Technologies

Utilise Block Chain Technologies

When I was learning about Web3, my goal was always to utilize blockchain technologies in everything I do❗️ Today, I have for you something very special, that took me lots of time and energy to create. 👇 ✨ This post as well as minted NFTs are the official invitation to the Web3 Doers Podcast. ✨ […]